14 Sophisticated Fall Decorating Ideas

Gorgeous autumn decor that doesn’t just rely on pumpkins.

Decorating for fall doesn’t solely mean adding pumpkins to every nook and cranny of your house. Here are 14 sophisticated ways to decorate your home for autumn:

Bowls of lavender, fall fruits, and berries are an unexpected trio…

Add squash and rosehips to your table and counter top:

Flint corn anywhere and everywhere—​​especially hanging from your front door:

Huge mum planters adorning your entry way:

An autumnal garland of pomegranates, dried berries, and leaves for your mantle:

A vase of dahlias in a rich autumn hue:

Or a vase of sunflowers for a brighter, fall perspective:

Make your own birch-bark wreath for a personal DIY touch:

Candle sticks made out of mini pumpkins and gourds:

Swap your regular glasses for rich gold goblets and flutes:

A berry wreath adorned with a harvest plaid ribbon:

Add a simple rocking chair (or two) for some rustic appeal:

Any wagon addition to the front yard is both aesthetic and quintessentially autumn:

And when all else fails put together a gorgeous bouquet of sedum and dahlias:

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