The Auction: “Thank You” to All Who Attended


On March 9th, the Club hosted “The Auction” in support of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. It was a fun evening with over 115 Members and art-lovers attending. Club Member Alison Ross, owner of Kilshaw’s Auctioneers (pictured above), presided over the sale of 46 lots, entertaining the guests during the introductions and bidding on every lot. More than $15,500 was raised for the Art Gallery. Brilliantly done Alison! The funds will help support making AGGV’s collection more available online to our community.

The Auction was held under the Union Club’s Art+Fare banner. Art+Fare4 will be held on September 22nd and will have an exciting, revised format for the evening. To date, Art+Fare has raised over $65,000 for the Children and Family Programs at the AGGV.

Save the date for Art+Fare4 – it will be fun as the Union Club continues its historic commitment to the arts in Victoria!!!

If you would like to help plan the event, please contact Art+Fare4 Chair, Heather Kohler, at There is a range of sponsorships available for A+F4. For more information, please contact Heather or Bob Coulter at

Oceanwise Dinner: “THANK YOU” to All Who Attended

Thank You for Attending the Oceanwise Dinner!

I would like to take this opportunity to offer a very special “Thank you” to everyone who attended our recent Oceanwise Dinner on Friday, February 23, 2018. The enthusiasm and feedback that has followed since this dinner has been fantastic. Without your support, events like this would not be possible.

As you may or may not know, the Oceanwise program has been a very important part of my career for some time now. The Oceanwise program continues to highlight responsible seafood choices for not only you as consumers, but for myself and other Chefs alike. I take great pride in sourcing only the best, sustainable and ethical products for all members to enjoy at the Club. I make these choices not only for the superior quality and enjoyment that members will receive, but also in order to help ensure that these delicacies will be enjoyed for generations to follow.

I trust everyone enjoyed the evening as much as Chef Ned Bell and I did. I look forward to hosting many more exciting events, as we continue to advance the Food & Beverage program at the Club.

Nicolas Hipperson
Executive Chef,
The Union Club of British Columbia

UC Walking Club

Many members have commented that they enjoy nothing more than a decent walk in our fair city. The Union Club figured: if so many members are out and about walking, and more and more health benefits from walking are being realized, why not form a Walking Club?

Recently, on February 28, the Walking Club hit the streets:

Please join Past President Barrie Hewstan for any of the following walks, all departing the Union Club’s front stairs at 9:00am. If interested, please register at the Front Desk.

Date: Wednesday, March 28, 2018
Time: 9:00am
Walking Area: Around the downtown core, viewing public art pieces.

Date: Wednesday, April 25, 2018
Time: 9:00am
Walking Area: Blossom Walk: Beacon Hill Park & Fairfield

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 2018
Time: 9:00am
Walking Area: Fairfield, Gonzales Beach & Abkhazi Gardens

Date: Wednesday, June 27, 2018
Time: 9:00am
Walking Area: David Foster Walkway & Ogden Point Breakwater

Date: Wednesday, July 25, 2018
Time: 9:00am
Walking Area: Westsong Walkway & West Bay Marina

Murder & Myth: Jack the Ripper and the Royal Family

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Jack the Ripper is the most famous murderer in modern history. In 1970 an eminent British surgeon published an article which suggested that the Ripper was a member of the Royal Family. Over the next three decades, that idea metastasized, inspiring several books and films, and drawing an ever-widening array of individuals into its net.

This talk revisits this increasingly bizarre and esoteric pattern of speculation about this most famous of crimes — a classic example of conspiracy thinking in our era of “Fake News”.

Reserve today – 250-384-1151 (ext. 0) or

Women in Business: The Union Club of British Columbia

The following article appeared in Oak Bay News’ “Women in Business 2018” magazine:

The Union Club of British Columbia has provided a space for the diverse membership of men and women to gather, network and enjoy the events the Club has to offer.

Founded in 1879, The Union Club is a landmark institution in the heart of downtown Victoria. “It’s a National Historic Designation Site of Canada, so not only is it a beautiful place to be, it is vibrant and diverse membership for people of all ages,” explains Tiffany Armstrong, Sales and Marketing Manager for the Club.

With around 2,500 local and non-resident members, 48 per cent of which are female, backgrounds range from entrepreneurs to architects, artists to technicians and many more.

“Our facilities include a Restaurant and Bar, a Billiards Room, the Past Presidents’ Library, a Reading Room, an Executive Fitness Centre with steam room, a Rooftop Garden with a view of the Inner Harbour, 22 guest rooms and suites, three Meeting Rooms,  Private Dining Rooms and complimentary parking for members while they are using any of the facilities,” says Tiffany.

A Business Women’s Club founded in 2007 has since grown to over 150 members thanks to the leadership of Charlotte Salomon, QC, a partner at the prestigious McConnan Bion O’Connor & Peterson Law Firm and head of the Business Women’s Group. The Business Women’s Group meets monthly for lunches with guest speakers, and also attends select Club events together.

The Club as a whole also puts on a myriad of events, from informal complimentary member socials to gourmet dinners, wine tastings and black-tie events like the President’s Ball and the New Year’s Eve Gala.

“The Club is a warm and inviting space, with friendly staff and an eclectic membership that is growing every day,” says Tiffany.

“Not only is the Club exceptional for networking but, it’s a home away from home in the heart of the city for many, a mobile office for members to work remotely from the best location in Victoria, and the Club boasts an exquisite food and beverage program like no other,” she adds.

An easy process, which includes filling out an application form is all it takes to become a member.

To find out more about membership and the Business Women’s Group contact Tiffany at 250-384.1151 ext. 320 or

Douglas Magazine: 10 Jobs That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago

One of the best indications of how quickly the world is changing is how fast new job titles pop up on the scene to keep up with changing technology, scientific discoveries, market shifts and new ideas. Here are 10 job titles that only emerged in the past decade.

Scrum master
Assists an agile team in adhering to scrum values and practices, and coaches the team to be more productive. Scrum methodology originated in software development.

Virus designer
Makes use of patients’ stem cells to create antibodies or targeted therapies. Cells are grown, differentiated and processed using viral vectors. The designer engineers the viral vectors that activate the cells for targeted therapies.

Sustainability manager
Communicates and coordinates with employees, shareholders and customers to address social, economic and environmental sustainability issues and initiatives within an organization.

Chief commercialization officer
Strategically oversees the multidisciplinary pursuits required to commercialize a product. Requires technical knowledge, marketing know-how and strong business development skills.

Social media manager
Leads an organization’s social-media strategy to boost engagement. Develops strategy to guide online presence on various platforms, producing content, customer service, analyzing data, managing campaigns.

Big data scientist
Frames business problems as data questions, and then creates data models to answer those questions. Uses data to tell stories.

UX designer
Improves the usability and/or accessibility of a product (e.g., an app or website) by examining every stage of a consumer’s interaction with that product; tries to make the experience better at each point of interaction.

Information security analyst
Plans and administers security measures to protect networks and systems, (e.g., installing firewalls, updating software against cyberattacks).

Chief innovation officer
Ensures a certain percentage of company resources is directed toward innovation. Identifying opportunities and developing capabilities to serve them. Engages in change management.

Health coach
Facilitates wellness-related behaviour change. Uses evidence-based clinical interventions to engage clients in clarifying their values and taking action on their goals. Can include nutritional and exercise education.